The performance of the Environmental Brigade is governed by Recife’s Code Environment and Ecological Balance. Thus, oversees mangroves, water bodies, remnants of atlantic forest, the irregular waste disposal, illegal landfills, cuts or damage to trees, removal of vegetation, as well as pollution of air, soil, rivers and lakes. It’s also Environmental Brigade assignment combat ill-treatment of animals, irregular farms, as well as trafficking and irregular captivity of wild animals. The Brigade’s actions are also held in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies linked to the environment.

Beyond the control and monitoring, the Brigade conducts environmental awareness activities through interaction with communities, especially those located next to protected areas of the city. In this sense, guides about the importance and the need for harmonious and sustainable coexistence of people with natural resources, in order to contribute to environmental conservation. The environmental education work is done in routine approaches during inspection and monitoring rounds, in lectures and exhibitions in schools, churches , businesses and community associations.