-When We're Open
The Garden is open Tuesday through Sunday, and closed Mondays.

-How to Get Here
The Garden is located at 7,5KM BR-232,Curado and is easy to reach by car, subway, and bus.

The admission is free 

It is possible to book guided visits from thursday to friday, through the fones 3355-0000 or 3355-0002. The groups must be formed by a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 people. The minimum age is 10 years. It is recommended to wear pants and shoes. 
On weekends there is also guided tours. In this case, the groups must be formed at the Garden’s entrance, and the scheduling is not needed. On saturdays, the visits start at 9AM, 10AM and 2PM. On sundays, at 9AM and 2PM. The rules are the same.

-Plan to Be Outdoors
Most of the Garden consists of outdoor spaces, although there are indoor spaces open year-round as well. Please plan your attire accordingly.

-Travel Light
The Garden does not have lockers facilities and certain items are prohibited in various indoor spaces, so plan accordingly.
Selfie sticks are allowed throughout the Garden grounds.

The Garden and its buildings are accessible to people with disabilities, with the exception of a few areas where the terrain is naturally uneven. 

-Lost and Found
If you have left something behind at the Garden, contact the Admnistration Office at (+55 81) 3355-0000/3355-0000


Stay on paths;

Deposit trash, recyclables, and compost in designated receptacles;

Picnic in the designated picnic area;

Wear shirts and shoes at all times;


Pick flowers;

Walk on the grass;

Touch plants or trees;

Climb trees or rocks;

Feed animals or birds;

Use flash;

Remove signposts;  


Bring alcohol onto the premises;

Build fires;

Engage in recreational sports, including skating, ball playing, and cycling;

Bring strollers, easels, tripods or monopods;

Play, sunbathe, or bring blankets, tripods, or easels onto the Garden's lawns;

Nudity, semi-nudity and swimsuits

-Birthday Parties
Birthdays can be celebrated in the Botanical Garden of Recife , since it does not obstruct the access to the open spaces. The visitor, however, can not use balloons nor fix any type of decorative material. It is also forbidden the use of sound equipment. It is recommended to use towels or mats, like a in a picnic. If the living spaces’ tables are free at the time of the party, its use is permitted.

Outdoor photography for personal use is allowed, but you must stay on the paths and not disturb the plants and collections.

-Press Office
Media representatives wishing to take pictures, videoshoots or develop stories should contact the Public Relations department at (+55 81) 3355-0000 / 3355-0000 or veronica.falcao@recife.pe.gov.br and provide appropriate details to help the PR staff facilitate the assignment.

-Visitor Services Support
For assistance planning your visit, or to share your feedback about a recent visit, contact the Garden’s reception.

Telephone: (+55 81) 3355-0001, seven days a week, 9 a.m.–3:30 p.m
Email: jardimbotanico@recife.pe.gov.br