In addition to the projects developed here, we offer activities within the environmental perspective, to meet every visitor of the Botanical Garden. To this end, we plan wide-ranging activities and some activities by age group and focus of interest, trying to respect the specificities of the scheduled groups, but also the other visitors. 


Works environmental topics, adding to these, historical, cultural and economic aspects , in order to promote more in-depth reflections and develop concepts in a more scientific way. These workshops usually take place in the area of ​​Forest Nursery, but can also take place at the ‘Econúcleo’, and in external events , of which can participate, upon registration, both the groups that scheduled the visit as the other visitors. Usually, the workshops match commemorative dates or any specific demand from the institutions, being subjected to assessment of management and availability of technicians to be performed.

Eco-informative videos exhibition

The exhibition of videos, is a routine activity, which takes place at the ‘Econúcleo’, usually after the guided tour (also apply to other visitors), whenever there are vacancies left. The group watches the videos and the guide promotes a reflection on the observed topic, leading visitors to interact, socializing their ideas with the group. Besides being a leisure activity, it must be a time of learning and knowledge exchange.